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Curlash: Curl & Comb – Review

My favourite part of makeup is Eyelashes. Whether it is by using our #ishimmer lashes or curler, make up doesn’t go without lashes.
It was 3 years ago when I decided to design our best-selling Curlash, I was so hesitant at first because I didn’t know if women use or like curlers at all. The way you curl is kind of scary anyways. But I decided to go for it and design a curler that is not even in the market.

I was thinking of so many must haves, a curler must look pretty and chic, held properly because you need a good grip to curl the lashes without hurting your eyes/ lashes, apart from curling I wanted them to be brushed, so curled and brushed. It was a nightmare to figure out how to curl and brush the lashes at the same time, using one tool. I wanted a curler to brush the lashes because this way you are able to use it in so many ways.

  1. To actually curl and brush your lashes before applying mascara and or false lashes.
  2. After taking off your makeup you can curl and brush your lashes to remove any excess residue of mascara or lash adhesive.
  3. Whenever an eyelash serum is applied you curl and brush your lashes after to make sure it touches each lash for growth.

So, I have all the 3 reasons to why I needed the brush on top of a curler, the question was then HOW? how many teeth should the brush have? should it be thick or thin? After back and forth testing and sampling, aiming to achieve the 3 outcomes of a curler and brush. Thanks to the help of our manufacturer, Curlash was created, ever since it’s been hard to keep it in stock. I LOVE IT. Thank you.

Aside from being the brand owner, I actually own two Curlash. One I use for curling and brushing my lashes before applying mascara and false lashes. The second one I use after applying an eyelash serum overnight. It is so so easy to clean too.
It is such a convenient and must have tool. Honestly. Everyone who tried and used it swears by it. The rose gold glamorous look and feel, not to mention the plastic free high-quality packaging. Everything about it, is a must.


It is designed to fit each and every eye shape, made for beginners and professionals, you can also decide which side you want to curl. And you can easily just curl your outer lashes. It is so safe to use and no matter the pressure you apply on your lashes it was designed to stop the pressure before lashes are harmed.

I use the Curlash every morning and night, even when I have makeup on during the day and want to go out at night but I don’t feel like applying makeup again, I just use the Curlash to curl on top of the mascara and poof, ready to go out.
I have sensitive eyes, so trust me. if you are like me, this will work for you too. I’m not saying this because I am owner of the brand, but I love creating products that are convenient, real, glamourous and are of full effect.

P.S there are so many ways and features to this Curlash but, one more thing. You can remove the brush off of it too and reattach it whenever you want.


You can purchase the Curlash by clicking on the link below: