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Coconut, Sesame and Curry Leaves for your Hair.

I can’t even begin to say how much this mixture is amazing. It really does wonders.

Let me start with the benefits of this mixture and then I will add the recipe to this mixture at the very end. It is super simple, all you need is commitment.

Benefits of this Mixture for the Hair-

  • It repairs damaged hair roots by supplying essential nutrients to your hair and scalp.
  • Curry leaves contain beta-carotene as well as protein that reduces hair loss – drastically.
  • Antioxidants contained in curry leaves help revive dead hair follicles, stimulate them and promote hair growth.
  • Curry leaves contain Vitamin B which is helpful in restoring the natural color of your hair.
  • Prevents premature greying of hair and impart radiant texture to your hair.
  • Vitamin B6 contained in curry leaves act in an effective way to strengthen the hair.

. I managed to have my hair grow in less than a year, my hair is no longer dry have dry and feels heathy, soft and thick. So let’s do this 🙋🏻 Recipe for Coconut, Sesame and Curry Leaves 🍃 

  • 100ml – 100% Pure Coconut Oil
  • 100ml – Sesame Oil
  • Put on very slow gas. Add to this
  • 2 handfuls curry leaves 
  • Heat till just before curry leaves turns black.
  • Cool and Strain.

 Remove from flame, cool, strain and bottle. Apply on hair by massaging your scalp downwards to the ends of ur hair. Preferably to leave over night and shower in the morning, but you can wash it off after a minimum of 30 minutes. P.s smell goes away xK-003

How do I apply it – I usually do it 2 -3 times a week before my schedule for washing my hair, which is every 2-3 days. After preparing the mixture I start with applying it on my scalp, massaging it all around. I then add more of the mixture to start applying down my hair, from the roots all the way to the tips. Then, after I am sure I covered most of my hair with the oil I tie my hair up in a bun and wait for at least one hour before washing it.





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Self-LASH – A DIY at home lash serum. It totally WORKS !!!

I think we are all worried about our lashes. So let’s take quarantine time to self-care and take care of our lashes. Who doesn’t want the fluffiest lashes? 😉

As a false lashes brand owner, I thought I could put together my experience of my DIY hair masks, face masks and the love I have for my lashes and brand all together. To come up with a lash serum that is so easy to use and do at home. The serum will grow your lashes, strengthens and add the shine we all need.

The ingredients I mentioned below can work on their own, because we may not have access to all the recipe used I thought of explaining the benefits of each one and then you can decide for yourself, of either mixing all ingredients together, using one its own, mixing 2 out of the 5 etc… Whatever it is you choose. All you need is an empty tube and a clean wand or a mini paint brush or clean eyeliner brush andddd if you have our (Curlash) I’ll explain more below.


First Step: Clean your lashes.

In the Tube add:

1 TBSP Castor Oil

1/2 TBSP Amond Oil / Sweet Almond Oil. 

1/2 TSP Coconut Oil

1/2 TSP Olive Oil

2 Drops TSP Vanilla Extract

Shake The bottle… and Apply it carefully.

After applying the serum, you can get our Ishimmer Curlash, either remove the attachable comb and just use it to comb your lashes (combing lashes is known to stimulate lash growth) or you can use our curler as is (with the comb attached). That way you make sure the serum reaches all hair follicle and combs at the same time.

You can use an eyeliner brush and apply the serum when your eyes are closed, or overnight for deeper growth. It really depends on how much of it you apply. You can apply a little amount using the wand so that you don’t get the oil in your eyes. Whatever makes you comfortable.


if you are not in the mood to create any.

Green tea is known for lash growth. believe it or not. heat it up in water. put little water so it is concentrated, then use a brush to go over your lash line. You can also just place two cooled green tea bags on your eyes.

A little info on the key ingredients:

Castor Oil: A thick oil that is super rich in fatty acids and proteins and Vitamin E. It is thick enough to find it’s way right to the root of the hair follicles. It is a known ingredient for hair growth and has been used in ancient times to prevent baldness and hair loss. Castor oil is a key ingredient in most lash serums. Once it is absorbed by the hair folicile it provides immediate hydration and nourishment to the lash, promoting growth. It also plumps your lash line.


Almond Oil or Sweet Almond Oil: An oil that also contains Vitamin E and calcium. Almond oil is mostly used to help with treating split ends and strengthening the hair. In which case almond oil will deeply moisturize your lashes and prevent them from breaking or falling off.

Olive OilThe oil that is a main ingredient in all hair masks, you are always mixing something with olive oil. It contains fatty acids that act like emollients (ingredient that soothes and softens). Therefore, olive oil improves the length and strentgh of lashes.

Coconut Oil: This oil not only smells yummy but contains many vitamins and proteins. The fatty acids found in coconut oil are known as lauric acid (antibacterial properties) that protects from infections to limit hair/lash growth. Apart from that, coconut oil conditions your lashes, stimulates growth and protects the lash root and strand.

Vanilla Extract: This oil can make your hair silky and smooth, so it does the exact same to your eyelashes. It is also an oil that promotes hair growth. It gives effect after it is mixed with other oils. (not to be used on its own, use with atleast another oil).


IShimmer Curlash: Our famous Curlash plays a big role in eyelash growth and make the lashes appear longer. Although it is not scientifically proven, but actually combing and curling your lashes with the right pressure stimulates growth. Apply the serum (or a mix of any of the ingredients you decide) wait for a few seconds then either use the attachable comb on it’s own, or the whole curler to comb and curl. This way you ensure that the serum reached all lashes and hair follicles.


Green Tea: It is no doubt amazing for your skin. But it actually does wonders for your eyelashes. Green tea is a powerful antioxidant, it contains flavonoids and polyphenol. Green tea will clean your lash follicles and provide substantial lash growth.



Coming to think of it, you can totally use all the above for EYEBROWS TOO!!





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The Eyeliner…

I never really moved with a certain makeup trend automatically, it usually takes me sometime to feel a trend and most of the time I don’t follow it.

But this one, the eyeliner trend. I love it, I am so into it I think it’s because I used to love wearing eyeliner in many ways as a teenager growing up. The eyeliner trend however, is not for everyone. It is a bold look of an incomplete wing, graphic or a crazy eyeliner look that defines the eyes.

Personally I feel makeup brings out my features, and in that sense I apply makeup in a way that really shows off my character. Experimenting with the different eyeliner trend is actually a way for me to express myself and what mood I am in. I love it.

Here are the top eyeliner trends:

1- Colored Eyeliner: I would go for a one color eyeliner or mix it with a little bit of black. The most subtle colors are purple, blue and emerald green or even gold it also matches with any of your outfits. You can apply it as a wing liner, or under eye the with a pencil to smudge it out.

Teni Panosian

2- Negative Space Eyeliner: It’s just the regular wing liner, just minus filling in the wing, so leave the inside of the wing unfilled.

Negative Space Liner on myself
Gigi Hadid Met Gala Joury makeup Erin Parsons
Gigi Hadid – Met Gala – Makeup by: Erin Parsons, Using our #ishimmer lashes

3- Incomplete Wing: Start with a regular winged liner and the extend the line on top of your crease tracing it in a V Shape. Do not extend to more than 1/3rd the length of your eyelid. The easiest liquid liner that provides the easiest application is by Grandiose Liner by Lancome, (bendable eyeliner).

Behati Prinsloo – Makeup by Carolina Gonzalez , using our #ishimmer lashes

4- Dark Eyeliner: A classing eyeliner look only you make the line thicker and go for just black eyeliner. Apply the liner on the upper eyelid and lower connecting them in the inner corners of your eye.

Lily Aldrige –  Makeup by Carolina Gonzalez – using our #ishimmer lashes

Ways to wear White Eyeliner…

It could seem a little scary if you don’t know how to use it. But why White?? It’s actually a secret weapon for making your eyes look brighter and wider, Here are ways to wear your white liner:

  • As a Liner
    Instead of lining your top lid with a thick black, try using white. Since white eyeliner is bright, this will create a noticeable, dramatic look.
Naoko Scintu Makeup on Jodie Comor (using Ishimmer Individual Lashes)
  • Double Eyeliner
    Draw a white line on your top lid twice as thick as you would normally apply eyeliner. Next, apply black or brown liner on top of it with a line about half as thick. This will create a double eyeliner look that makes your eyes stand out without being as dramatic was a white-only liner look.
  • Shimmer the Inner Corner
    You can use white eyeliner to highlight the inside corner of your eyes to brighten your look. Starting from the corner, fan out about a centimeter on the top and bottom lid. Your eyes will appear brighter, improving your overall look. A big fan of this look is Blake Lively.
  • Brow Bone
    Highlight your brow bone by swiping the white liner directly underneath the brow then smudging it along the brow bone.
  • Conceal the Imperfections
    Hide a blemish by applying white eyeliner to it first, then cover it with concealer. The whites will counteract the red of the blemish to create perfect coverage.

P.s you can always go for a more beige liner if you want to tone it down, but can be used the same way.

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Curlash: Curl & Comb – Review

My favourite part of makeup is Eyelashes. Whether it is by using our #ishimmer lashes or curler, make up doesn’t go without lashes.
It was 3 years ago when I decided to design our best-selling Curlash, I was so hesitant at first because I didn’t know if women use or like curlers at all. The way you curl is kind of scary anyways. But I decided to go for it and design a curler that is not even in the market.

I was thinking of so many must haves, a curler must look pretty and chic, held properly because you need a good grip to curl the lashes without hurting your eyes/ lashes, apart from curling I wanted them to be brushed, so curled and brushed. It was a nightmare to figure out how to curl and brush the lashes at the same time, using one tool. I wanted a curler to brush the lashes because this way you are able to use it in so many ways.

  1. To actually curl and brush your lashes before applying mascara and or false lashes.
  2. After taking off your makeup you can curl and brush your lashes to remove any excess residue of mascara or lash adhesive.
  3. Whenever an eyelash serum is applied you curl and brush your lashes after to make sure it touches each lash for growth.

So, I have all the 3 reasons to why I needed the brush on top of a curler, the question was then HOW? how many teeth should the brush have? should it be thick or thin? After back and forth testing and sampling, aiming to achieve the 3 outcomes of a curler and brush. Thanks to the help of our manufacturer, Curlash was created, ever since it’s been hard to keep it in stock. I LOVE IT. Thank you.

Aside from being the brand owner, I actually own two Curlash. One I use for curling and brushing my lashes before applying mascara and false lashes. The second one I use after applying an eyelash serum overnight. It is so so easy to clean too.
It is such a convenient and must have tool. Honestly. Everyone who tried and used it swears by it. The rose gold glamorous look and feel, not to mention the plastic free high-quality packaging. Everything about it, is a must.


It is designed to fit each and every eye shape, made for beginners and professionals, you can also decide which side you want to curl. And you can easily just curl your outer lashes. It is so safe to use and no matter the pressure you apply on your lashes it was designed to stop the pressure before lashes are harmed.

I use the Curlash every morning and night, even when I have makeup on during the day and want to go out at night but I don’t feel like applying makeup again, I just use the Curlash to curl on top of the mascara and poof, ready to go out.
I have sensitive eyes, so trust me. if you are like me, this will work for you too. I’m not saying this because I am owner of the brand, but I love creating products that are convenient, real, glamourous and are of full effect.

P.S there are so many ways and features to this Curlash but, one more thing. You can remove the brush off of it too and reattach it whenever you want.


You can purchase the Curlash by clicking on the link below:


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Thoughts: Power Fabric by Giorgio Armani

Anything skin coverage its Armani Beauty for me. I am a huge fan of their foundations  Luminous Silk, Maestro and Power Fabric Foundation. I have them all and I use each one on different days / occasions depening on the look I am going for. I love how airy they apply and yet provide the coverage I need without irritating my skin.


To be honest I do not wear concealer everyday, I like it when my skin is able to breathe. So I apply concealer on occassions or if I really look tired.

When I heard there was a Power Fabric Concealer coming out, I got so excited. I remember going to the Armani counter at Selfridges and I wanted to try it instantly. I was surprised at how AMAZING it looked and felt on my skin. I thought it was just in my mind but it actually enhanced the shape of my eye. SOLD.

Right after trying the concealer at Selfridges

My current shade is 5.5, it provides high coverage yet feel so light and breathable with a velvet finish. I sometimes apply it on bare skin and it still looks the same, stays for long hours, blends so easily and comfortably and does not cake at ALL.

It is honestly a concealer that does it all: conceals reddness, blemishes, dark circles, wrinkles and fine lines by providing a brightener fresh complexion.

The concealer comes in 20 different shades and its applicator allows for application over large and small areas using different techniques.

I find it to be average priced, 32 GBP which is not expensive but not cheap. Personally I really think its worth the price and it lasts a long time.

This product is a YES !!!

x x




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Highlight your way … Matte or Dewy?

Highlighting is a technique that only uses light to enhance your face. You can go wtih this technique any way you want. Literally, it can be just used on it’s own, it can be used with bronzer, contouring, or a blush. It depends on the look you are going for.


Basically, you’re taking all of your usual contouring steps, but just ditching the part where you carve out your features and head straight for the highlighter stick, but again you can do both if you want. This approach to makeup is supposed to mimic what it’s like to be under bright, flattering lights using illuminating products.

Use the highlighter to enhance where light would naturally hit your face, which for most of us is across the temples, cheekbones, and bridge of your nose, inner corner of the eyes and under the arc of your brows and cupid bow. If you’re afraid of looking oily, avoid putting any highlighter on your forehead. If you’re lighter skinned, opt for champagne colors, while darker skin tones will look stunning.


if you use a powder-based highlighter then use a powder base bronzer as well, before you start just decide what look you want to go for. Either dewy or a matte look.

For a dewy look, fuse your skincare and makeup together as much possible for a dewy, wet-shine finish. For example:

1) if you use concealer add moisturizer to it.

2) Add shine to the areas of your face that catch light naturally, like your cheekbones, bridge, of the nose, or temples. Inner corner of the eyes and under the arc of your brows and cupid bow.


3) if you feel that it’s to dewy then you can mattify it using a translucent powder (example laura mercier / chanel)

If you are going for a matte highlighting look, then repeat the same steps only without fusing your skin care with your makeup, and use a powder base bronzer and highlighter.

Some Illuminating Products:- M.A.C Strobe Cream (Cheat: for the lazy girls out there, it does the strobing for you, by just applying the cream itself). Benefit Cosmetics: Benefit Girl Meets Pearl, Charlotte Tilbury’s Highlighter Wand and NYX cosmetics Illuminating Stick, Cover FX Gold Bar Highlighting Palette, KKW Highlighter Palette.

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Moody Wintery Shadow!!

Burgundy madness, wine shadow won’t look out of place with a moody wintery outfit.

Now, it’s your turn to wear the trend, so why Burgundy? it has a purplish undertone that can make the whites of your eyes appear whiter, other than that it flattering on every skin tone, you don’t have to avoid the color based on your skin tone like most colors. You like it, you apply it.  All you have to do is:

1- Apply the right shade: Here is a list of pallets that have different shades of burgundy for you to try out. MAC Burgundy Times Nine Palette, KYShadow Burgundy Palette, Becca Comsetics Ombre Rouge Eye Palette, Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Eyeshadow Palette. gigi hadid

2- Don’t over do it: if you are worried about how the color might come off, you can start with a little burgundy shade in the outer corner of your eye and blend it with your eyeliner.

3- Dare to smoke it: the burgundy eyeshadow can act like a Smokey eye effect only with a different shade, you can smoke it out and control the intensity of the shadow depending on the look you are going for.

4- Mascara or Lashes: the don’t of the burgundy eyeshadow look, never leave without applying false lashes or lots and lots of mascara to frame your eyes.

5- Keep it Simple: Try to keep everything else simple, avoid applying any reddish tones, such as blush. Switch up the blush with some highlighter and tone it down with the contouring.

kylie-jenner Kylie Jenner

Jourdan dunn  Jourdan Dunn

julianne morre Julianne Moore




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Retinol, Vitamin C and SPF.

I am sure you heard the buzz over Retinol, well it’s true. I am a user myself. But, to actually improve your skin condition you need atleast 2 of the three magic products to do that for you. Retinol, Vitamin C and SPF. Mostly Vitamin C + SPF.

Retinol: (a form of vitamin A, a fat soluble in carrots, eggs and sweet potatoes): Retinol is the best ingredient you can use for your skin, what it does is basically alternates the aged cells to more youthful cells, by doing so it soothes the skin, refines the texutre, treats aging and improves skin radiance and glow.

When retinol is combined in a skin care product, it therefore enhances the production of collagon, reduces fine lines and wrinkes, uneven texture, scarring and spots. Retinol is also used to minimize breakouts by clearing the skin, regulates the oil levels in the skin, brightens dull skin, fades away sun spots and hyperpigmentation. Basically, regenerating your skin.

Retinol can come in skin care products in forms of oils, moisturizers and serums, it also comes in doses. What I suggest is always start using Retinol in small dosages to gradually introduce your skin to it, as it is a strong ingredient. I prefer checking out Retinol products that can be used over night, because you need to add loads and loads of sunscreen to your skin if you are using Retinol. Also, Retinol may not work for everybody, that’s why again start low.

Retinol can cause reddness, dryness, flakeness and even breakouts if introduced too quickly to the skin, it is really strong so please do your research before investing in a Retinol Product. The one I use is Dreamy Skin Retinyl Oil. by Disciple an overnight oil that I just apply all over my face and neck. I also apply loads of sunscreen during the day.

Other ones I heard great reviews on are: (please research the brand/ products and see if it fits with your skin combination/condition) – Skin Ceuticals Retinol 0.3 , La Roche Posay , 111 Skin , Shani Darden .

Vitamin C: Definitely the most important ingrediant for me. I use vitamin C in forms of serums and face masks as well. Vitamin C is an antioxident, it fights off and neutralizes free radicals. “They prevent or reduce damage to our cells by neutralizing the production of highly reactive molecules called free radicals. In other words, antioxidants help keep our body and our skin cells healthy.” Allure.

So what does Vitamin C do to your skin, lots lots lots. First it acts as protector for skin agressors like air pollution and UV, it accelerates the production of collagen so it plumps and tones your skin, it fades away hyperpigmentation, dark spots, skin discoloration and any uneven skin tone. Amazing right?

I use these products: the most consistent Vitamin C and Collagen is by Dr Dennis Gross, and the Bio C treatment mask, and the daily peel. I also love it in a form of a serum that is more conentrated by the Organic Pharmacy.

others that are super good (again please research based on your skin needs) C Ferma Day Serum by Drunk Elephant , Vitamin C Mask by Rodial Beauty, Resist C15 Super Booster by Paula’s Choice, Tata Harper Resurfing Serum I am sure there are many other products that are great as well.


I want to just talk briefly about mixing vitamin C and Retinol, first,  I don’t believe they should come together in one product, and second not to put them on at the same time. They are both very powerful antioxidents with different PH levels that allows the ingredient to work on the skin, so what I do is, I apply vitamin c during the day and retinol at night to separate the two products. They do not work best together, no added benefit whatsoever, might be too strong for your skin anyways.

SPF: Do not leave your skin without it !! it is the most important product for the overall health and appearance of your skin. SPF keeps your complexion even, protects against UV rays ( I also suggest investing in a blue light ray protection ex, screens etc..), prevents premature aging, prevents skin discoloration dark and sun spots.

So what should you look for? Preferrably look for a sunscreen that has: “Titanium dioxide, Octyl methoxycinnimate, avobenzone (parsol), zinc oxide” – Stylecraze . Also choose a broadspectrum spf that is hypoallergenic, waterproof and a minimum of 30 SPF.

I just starting using Drunk Elephant Sunscreenand Ren Skincare you can always search which are the best spf products of the year.

Here are some that I used over the years and loved as well, Bioderma SPF , La Mer SPF .

That’s basically it, I am no skin expert but i’ve done a lot of research about this topic before investing in the products to use on my skin, I wanted to share it with you since there are so many question marks in regards to this topic.


Ayah xxx


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Review: KKW Glam Bible Palette!

kkw eyeshadow
Simply put, I believe these are the best eyeshadow shades all in one palette! KKW’s Glam Bible Palette is the best palette to own if you’re a fan of basic eyeshadow shades that can take you from morning to evening with ease. Don’t get me wrong; I love to experiment with vibrant colors every once in a while but for everyday makeup this palette is the holy grail.


kkw eyeshadow


KKW’s Glam Bible Palette is quite compact and comes with a mirror so you can carry it with you everywhere, and comes in quite handy for travel. The shadows are very pigmented so they can last for a long while. The palette includes 6 must-have colors that can be worn on their own, mixed and blended with each other, or with other more intense shades for a wide variety of makeup looks.

The six shades included in the palette are:

Femme: a matte creamy ivory
Risqué: a matte rose
Fatale: a metallic smokey silver
Antique: a matte warm grey
Exotic: a matte warm brown
Dark: a matte black

The colors have an incredible texture, they look quite matte inside the palette but once applied they are extremely pigmented and creamy which translates into an easily blendable application. I use the black matte, the grey or even the brown to smoke my under eye, the color of choice depends on the look I’m going for. I use the creamy ivory to highlight under the brow bone and/or the inner corners of my eye, or to simply lighten up a certain shade. I use the matte rose during the day with black liner; the color is perfect on it’s own or even to smoke the under eye with.


kkw eyeshadow


The smokey silver is just amazing; I think it’s my favourite and it can be used in multiple ways. You can apply it as is or apply it wet for a silky look. It can also be used as an under eye color, and on the inner corners of the eyes. It also looks great as a full shadow color in the middle of the crease, or just as a color for smoky eyes.

The palette is affordable at 30$ for the six most sought-after eyeshadow colors around! Keep in mind that these shades are very flexible as they can be used on their own, mixed together or blended with any other eyeshadow color out there. Hugely recommended!