Good brands offer product quality, reliability, innovation. The best brands are built on passion.

Ishimmer is the result of a personal journey of one woman; Ayah Mufleh, with one mission: to revolutionise the false lash market.

Ayah has always had an intuitive sense for beauty, style and how features frame a face. She recognised that confidence and individuality is a significant part of the relationship that women have with their beauty products. Confidence in performance of the product but also the confidence that it brings in personal appearance.

Ayah has single-handedly crafted a unique collection of lashes inspired by her journey. Natural, weightless, reusable, simple to apply, non-irritant and comfortable to wear.

Each style is inspired by a personal moment in her journey to creating the brand. While the journey has seemed insurmountable at times, her determination and vision remained steady.

After launching in 2015, the brand was elevated and grew organically through recommendation by professional make-up artists, backstage catwalk stylists and A-list celebrities, who trusted in Ishimmer quality, reliability, design and weightless comfort.

Ayah remains committed to innovating the lash market and has recently won the CEW Young Achiever award 2019.

“If you have a passion for something, no matter how crazy it is… go for it!”

Founder of ISHIMMER


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