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Self-LASH – A DIY at home lash serum. It totally WORKS !!!

I think we are all worried about our lashes. So let’s take quarantine time to self-care and take care of our lashes. Who doesn’t want the fluffiest lashes? 😉

As a false lashes brand owner, I thought I could put together my experience of my DIY hair masks, face masks and the love I have for my lashes and brand all together. To come up with a lash serum that is so easy to use and do at home. The serum will grow your lashes, strengthens and add the shine we all need.

The ingredients I mentioned below can work on their own, because we may not have access to all the recipe used I thought of explaining the benefits of each one and then you can decide for yourself, of either mixing all ingredients together, using one its own, mixing 2 out of the 5 etc… Whatever it is you choose. All you need is an empty tube and a clean wand or a mini paint brush or clean eyeliner brush andddd if you have our (Curlash) I’ll explain more below.


First Step: Clean your lashes.

In the Tube add:

1 TBSP Castor Oil

1/2 TBSP Amond Oil / Sweet Almond Oil. 

1/2 TSP Coconut Oil

1/2 TSP Olive Oil

2 Drops TSP Vanilla Extract

Shake The bottle… and Apply it carefully.

After applying the serum, you can get our Ishimmer Curlash, either remove the attachable comb and just use it to comb your lashes (combing lashes is known to stimulate lash growth) or you can use our curler as is (with the comb attached). That way you make sure the serum reaches all hair follicle and combs at the same time.

You can use an eyeliner brush and apply the serum when your eyes are closed, or overnight for deeper growth. It really depends on how much of it you apply. You can apply a little amount using the wand so that you don’t get the oil in your eyes. Whatever makes you comfortable.


if you are not in the mood to create any.

Green tea is known for lash growth. believe it or not. heat it up in water. put little water so it is concentrated, then use a brush to go over your lash line. You can also just place two cooled green tea bags on your eyes.

A little info on the key ingredients:

Castor Oil: A thick oil that is super rich in fatty acids and proteins and Vitamin E. It is thick enough to find it’s way right to the root of the hair follicles. It is a known ingredient for hair growth and has been used in ancient times to prevent baldness and hair loss. Castor oil is a key ingredient in most lash serums. Once it is absorbed by the hair folicile it provides immediate hydration and nourishment to the lash, promoting growth. It also plumps your lash line.


Almond Oil or Sweet Almond Oil: An oil that also contains Vitamin E and calcium. Almond oil is mostly used to help with treating split ends and strengthening the hair. In which case almond oil will deeply moisturize your lashes and prevent them from breaking or falling off.

Olive OilThe oil that is a main ingredient in all hair masks, you are always mixing something with olive oil. It contains fatty acids that act like emollients (ingredient that soothes and softens). Therefore, olive oil improves the length and strentgh of lashes.

Coconut Oil: This oil not only smells yummy but contains many vitamins and proteins. The fatty acids found in coconut oil are known as lauric acid (antibacterial properties) that protects from infections to limit hair/lash growth. Apart from that, coconut oil conditions your lashes, stimulates growth and protects the lash root and strand.

Vanilla Extract: This oil can make your hair silky and smooth, so it does the exact same to your eyelashes. It is also an oil that promotes hair growth. It gives effect after it is mixed with other oils. (not to be used on its own, use with atleast another oil).


IShimmer Curlash: Our famous Curlash plays a big role in eyelash growth and make the lashes appear longer. Although it is not scientifically proven, but actually combing and curling your lashes with the right pressure stimulates growth. Apply the serum (or a mix of any of the ingredients you decide) wait for a few seconds then either use the attachable comb on it’s own, or the whole curler to comb and curl. This way you ensure that the serum reached all lashes and hair follicles.


Green Tea: It is no doubt amazing for your skin. But it actually does wonders for your eyelashes. Green tea is a powerful antioxidant, it contains flavonoids and polyphenol. Green tea will clean your lash follicles and provide substantial lash growth.



Coming to think of it, you can totally use all the above for EYEBROWS TOO!!





By Ayah Mufleh

Walk the beauty journey with me as the woman behind #ishimmer lashes.

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