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Highlight your way … Matte or Dewy?

Highlighting is a technique that only uses light to enhance your face. You can go wtih this technique any way you want. Literally, it can be just used on it’s own, it can be used with bronzer, contouring, or a blush. It depends on the look you are going for.


Basically, you’re taking all of your usual contouring steps, but just ditching the part where you carve out your features and head straight for the highlighter stick, but again you can do both if you want. This approach to makeup is supposed to mimic what it’s like to be under bright, flattering lights using illuminating products.

Use the highlighter to enhance where light would naturally hit your face, which for most of us is across the temples, cheekbones, and bridge of your nose, inner corner of the eyes and under the arc of your brows and cupid bow. If you’re afraid of looking oily, avoid putting any highlighter on your forehead. If you’re lighter skinned, opt for champagne colors, while darker skin tones will look stunning.


if you use a powder-based highlighter then use a powder base bronzer as well, before you start just decide what look you want to go for. Either dewy or a matte look.

For a dewy look, fuse your skincare and makeup together as much possible for a dewy, wet-shine finish. For example:

1) if you use concealer add moisturizer to it.

2) Add shine to the areas of your face that catch light naturally, like your cheekbones, bridge, of the nose, or temples. Inner corner of the eyes and under the arc of your brows and cupid bow.


3) if you feel that it’s to dewy then you can mattify it using a translucent powder (example laura mercier / chanel)

If you are going for a matte highlighting look, then repeat the same steps only without fusing your skin care with your makeup, and use a powder base bronzer and highlighter.

Some Illuminating Products:- M.A.C Strobe Cream (Cheat: for the lazy girls out there, it does the strobing for you, by just applying the cream itself). Benefit Cosmetics: Benefit Girl Meets Pearl, Charlotte Tilbury’s Highlighter Wand and NYX cosmetics Illuminating Stick, Cover FX Gold Bar Highlighting Palette, KKW Highlighter Palette.

By Ayah Mufleh

Walk the beauty journey with me as the woman behind #ishimmer lashes.

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