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Retinol, Vitamin C and SPF.

I am sure you heard the buzz over Retinol, well it’s true. I am a user myself. But, to actually improve your skin condition you need atleast 2 of the three magic products to do that for you. Retinol, Vitamin C and SPF. Mostly Vitamin C + SPF.

Retinol: (a form of vitamin A, a fat soluble in carrots, eggs and sweet potatoes): Retinol is the best ingredient you can use for your skin, what it does is basically alternates the aged cells to more youthful cells, by doing so it soothes the skin, refines the texutre, treats aging and improves skin radiance and glow.

When retinol is combined in a skin care product, it therefore enhances the production of collagon, reduces fine lines and wrinkes, uneven texture, scarring and spots. Retinol is also used to minimize breakouts by clearing the skin, regulates the oil levels in the skin, brightens dull skin, fades away sun spots and hyperpigmentation. Basically, regenerating your skin.

Retinol can come in skin care products in forms of oils, moisturizers and serums, it also comes in doses. What I suggest is always start using Retinol in small dosages to gradually introduce your skin to it, as it is a strong ingredient. I prefer checking out Retinol products that can be used over night, because you need to add loads and loads of sunscreen to your skin if you are using Retinol. Also, Retinol may not work for everybody, that’s why again start low.

Retinol can cause reddness, dryness, flakeness and even breakouts if introduced too quickly to the skin, it is really strong so please do your research before investing in a Retinol Product. The one I use is Dreamy Skin Retinyl Oil. by Disciple an overnight oil that I just apply all over my face and neck. I also apply loads of sunscreen during the day.

Other ones I heard great reviews on are: (please research the brand/ products and see if it fits with your skin combination/condition) – Skin Ceuticals Retinol 0.3 , La Roche Posay , 111 Skin , Shani Darden .

Vitamin C: Definitely the most important ingrediant for me. I use vitamin C in forms of serums and face masks as well. Vitamin C is an antioxident, it fights off and neutralizes free radicals. “They prevent or reduce damage to our cells by neutralizing the production of highly reactive molecules called free radicals. In other words, antioxidants help keep our body and our skin cells healthy.” Allure.

So what does Vitamin C do to your skin, lots lots lots. First it acts as protector for skin agressors like air pollution and UV, it accelerates the production of collagen so it plumps and tones your skin, it fades away hyperpigmentation, dark spots, skin discoloration and any uneven skin tone. Amazing right?

I use these products: the most consistent Vitamin C and Collagen is by Dr Dennis Gross, and the Bio C treatment mask, and the daily peel. I also love it in a form of a serum that is more conentrated by the Organic Pharmacy.

others that are super good (again please research based on your skin needs) C Ferma Day Serum by Drunk Elephant , Vitamin C Mask by Rodial Beauty, Resist C15 Super Booster by Paula’s Choice, Tata Harper Resurfing Serum I am sure there are many other products that are great as well.


I want to just talk briefly about mixing vitamin C and Retinol, first,  I don’t believe they should come together in one product, and second not to put them on at the same time. They are both very powerful antioxidents with different PH levels that allows the ingredient to work on the skin, so what I do is, I apply vitamin c during the day and retinol at night to separate the two products. They do not work best together, no added benefit whatsoever, might be too strong for your skin anyways.

SPF: Do not leave your skin without it !! it is the most important product for the overall health and appearance of your skin. SPF keeps your complexion even, protects against UV rays ( I also suggest investing in a blue light ray protection ex, screens etc..), prevents premature aging, prevents skin discoloration dark and sun spots.

So what should you look for? Preferrably look for a sunscreen that has: “Titanium dioxide, Octyl methoxycinnimate, avobenzone (parsol), zinc oxide” – Stylecraze . Also choose a broadspectrum spf that is hypoallergenic, waterproof and a minimum of 30 SPF.

I just starting using Drunk Elephant Sunscreenand Ren Skincare you can always search which are the best spf products of the year.

Here are some that I used over the years and loved as well, Bioderma SPF , La Mer SPF .

That’s basically it, I am no skin expert but i’ve done a lot of research about this topic before investing in the products to use on my skin, I wanted to share it with you since there are so many question marks in regards to this topic.


Ayah xxx


By Ayah Mufleh

Walk the beauty journey with me as the woman behind #ishimmer lashes.

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