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Winter Must Do & Have

There is no guide to follow with winter makeup, but you know what I think of whenever I apply makeup during the day, the face you get when you’re out skiing, or the color reflections of sitting in a dark room with dim lights and candles.

These two scenarios help me choose the products for winter.

  • Lots and lots of moisturizer: with this dry cold your lips need to be x10000 more hydrated. You don’t have to wait until they are all chapped and dry to start taking care of them.

Here’s what I do, scrub. Mix some honey, coconut oil and some brown sugar in a bowl. Just a tiny amount of each, maybe more brown sugar than the rest and apply it on a tooth brush or your finger then scrub scrub (if you have any allergies, ignore this and just buy a regular lip scrub off the shelf.

Ex. Frank Body’s lip scrub, Burt Bees Scrub and you can even use an exfoliator. Whatever you need.8c865f66-76ba-4ad2-a3df-46c37d0d83f9

Next, keep the hydration. Always carry your lip balm with you, (I use Drunk Elephant Lippe balm, and Burts Bees) and even Amina’s skincare (eye roll).

You need to keep the lips hydrated for the darker shades of lipsticks.



  • Foundation & Oil – if you know me, you know I am a fan of taking care of your skin while applying makeup. The trick is, hydration. Choose a foundation that goes well with your skin type, mine for example is Giorgio Aramni (Maestro foundation when I want barely any coverage) and Luminious Silk (medium to full coverage), the foundation is so light and airy. But even with that,s_5ba2951f95199614981c37a7I love adding a few drops of Farsali Oil (Unicorn Essence or the Gold Elixir) to my foundation. Mixing both, gives me the perfect hydrated base to start my makeup.

P.S sometimes you might have to change the shade of your foundation to a lighter one, please don’t wear foundation that is 4-6 shades darker than your skin, it’s not meant to make you look darker. Summer you can go to 1-2 shades darker than your skin, winter. Just go with your shade.


  • Lipstick, yes. Colors: Switch up the shades. You can keep your bright lipsticks for spring and bring out some nudes and darker shades. You don’t have to go dark if you don’t want too. Just drop any bright color that isn’t red. I love mixing lipsticks, it’s my favorite, and most of all I love mixing lip liners with lipsticks. My liners are usually darker than the shade of lipstick. I usually apply lipstick first, then the lip liner just so it is defined correctly. I mostly use liquid lipsticks apart from Charlotte Tilburys matte lipsticks so if I apply the lipliner before the liquid lipstick the definition of my lips usually disappears. It’s just easier this way, apply your lipstick shade then your lip liner then reapply the lipstick in the middle of your lips. And blend with a lip brush.


Makeup always helps me express myself, my mood, my character. So playing with colors between seasons is the best. Playing with looks is even better. Stir it up a bit.

Extra Tip: if you’re going for a subtle lip and shadow color then you can add some blush to for rosy cheek look you get when you are skiing or out in the cold. Or bronzer with some highlighter. Otherwise, if you’re going for either a bold lip or eye look, minimalize the makeup on your cheeks, yes off course contour and conceal, but minimalize the bronzer and up your highlighting game.

It’s all about the right balance, there is no proper way to go with this, just don’t over do it. As long as you feel good about your look, then you got it xxx



By Ayah Mufleh

Walk the beauty journey with me as the woman behind #ishimmer lashes.

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