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Lip Fillers. My Experience

Let’s talk lip fillers.

I was so curious to find out how my lips would look like, I always traced my lips with a lipliner but it doesn’t really do the trick.

I went behind my parents back and decided to get lip fillers, the first time I did it we put a very little amount so it’s not noticeable and because I was scared to ruin my lips. Then it became a routine,  I kept going every 2-3 months to put a little bit more and that’s when my parents noticed and told me I did not look my-self, but again I didn’t listen.

Up until two years ago which was the last time I had lip fillers I over did it, my lips were insane (not too much, but it was a lot for me) my friends said it looked natural and somehow it did but it wasn’t me when I smiled. I still think it looked good but looking at how my lips are now, I won’t go back.


It was painful, but I can tolerate pain. The first day was fine but I wasn’t allowed to have anything warm. The swelling the next few days from what I can remember was not too much, but again every person is different than the other. I heard from others that they’re lips were too swollen.

You must be wondering why is this post about lip fillers?

I wanted to share with you my experience that back then I liked it, but looking back now I wouldn’t do it. The last time I got fillers was two years ago, and when my wedding was this year it gave me a reason to really not play with my lips because even if you think they look good, it’s not you. Something will change.

I am not against it, if you want to do a tiny amount that’s fine, but it never stops at that. The only thing I do now is Lip Contouring. I do it once every 12 months.

Lip Contouring also uses the derma fillers but not on the lips, around them. It hurts way more than lip fillers, but it keeps it natural and removes the curiosity or the urge of having bigger lips. It’s a series of multiple injections along the lip border outline. It enhances your natural lip line and it accentuates your natural lips without adding any fillers inside your lips.

03D438F0-65AA-44AC-A59C-DAE11A195979Don’t get me wrong I am not advertising lip contouring either, just sharing my experience of the lip fillers, and what I do now instead.

When I was asked if I had my lips done, I never lied. I would say yes and where I went to get them, before I was so hyped up about it that I thought it was the most amazing thing, it’s not. I won’t do it again, not because of any side effects but because it took away a part of who I am.




By Ayah Mufleh

Walk the beauty journey with me as the woman behind #ishimmer lashes.

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